Terms and Conditions

1. General.

1.1. These supply contracts (the «Rules») are between the Buyer and the Seller. These parties shall be governed by a legally binding document outlining the Buyer‘s and Seller’s rights and obligations, acquisition of goods, payment conditions, terms of delivery and return procedures, and responsibilities other parties with supply contracts — online shop dvspeer.com.

1.2. Buyer placing the order is deemed to accept these Terms.

1.3. The contract between the buyer and the seller is initiated when the online store‘s buyer forms a shopping cart, specify the delivery address, choose a payment method and accepts the terms of the sale upon clicking the «Buy» button.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. When ordering books through the online shop dvspeer.com, the buyer must provide the required data at the time of purchase: name, address and e-mail address.

2.2. The buyer is responsible for the correct data input during the buying process.

2.3. When placing the order, the Buyer agrees to submit his personal data and be used to process and fulfill the purchase. The buyer also agrees that the buyer‘s email address will be used by the seller for necessary email updates to fulfill the ordered goods.

2.4 Buyer’s personal data may be used for marketing purposes only with buyer‘s permission.

2.5 Seller agrees not to disclose the buyer’s personal data to third parties, except when required by the competent authority requested by law or a separate written agreement of the buyer.

2.6 Leaving an application on the site (purchase registration, Buy button), the buyer automatically subscribes to news and discounts newsletter dvspeer.com

3. The rights and obligations of the buyer.

3.1. The buyer agrees to pay the seller the agreed amount for the goods ordered, and to accept them.

3.2 Payment order should be complete, comprehensive with correct information. If the information in the form is inaccurate, false or misleading, online shop dvspeer.com has the right to cancel the buyer registration account and delete all his data records.

3.3. The buyer must immediately inform the seller in case of any data changes submitted purchase form.

3.4. The buyer has the right to refuse the sale — purchase contract, in accordance with the rules of returning policy.

3.5. The buyer, when placing an order at dvspeer.com, agrees to comply with the purchase-sale rules and the set corresponding regulations of Lithuanian Republic law.

4. Seller’s rights and obligations.

4.1. Seller agrees to provide all information for proper use of the buyer‘s online shop dvspeer.com services.

4.2. If the buyer is trying to damage and harm the stability and security of the online shop dvspeer.com or breach his/her obligations as a buyer, the Seller is entitled to immediately restrict, suspend or withdraw the buyer‘s opportunity to buy without prior notice.

4.3. The seller undertakes to respect the right of privacy of the buyer’s personal information and will not share it to third parties without the buyer‘s permission.

4.4. The seller undertakes provide to online access to the e-book within one year after payment.

4.5. The seller, in the event of serious circumstances, may suspend or terminate the online store operations without prior notification to the buyer.

4.6. Seller may unilaterally change the conditions of these rules.

4.7 If the Buyer using online shop dvspeer.com services continues to purchase after the change of terms and conditions, it is considered that the Buyer has accepted the changes to the terms and conditions.

5. Ordering, price, payment and terms.

5.1. dvspeer.com is available for 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

5.2. Orders are accepted only through the dvspeer.com.

5.4. All prices listed online store are in Euros, including VAT.

5.5. The buyer agrees to pay the order within two (2) calendar days from the date of order confirmation. The puchased package will only be arranged upon payment confirmation.

5.6. If Buyer fails to pay within 2 calendar days, the order will automatically be canceled.

6. Delivery.

6.1 E-book can be available for download, or available online on the site dvspeer.com at the discretion of the administration of the site dvspeer.com.

7. Intellectual property.

7.1 All rights, including intellectual property of each product on the site dvspeer.com belong to the owner and administrator of the site dvspeer.com. Copyright is protected by copyright law.

7.2 If there is an illegal distribution of electronic goods purchased on the dvspeer.com website, the buyer’s account is blocked without notice. Return of funds in this case is not made. Access to subsequent purchases is closed.

7.3 Administration has the right to deny access to the site to any user without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification.